We back exceptional founders with a strong, product-oriented mindset who are looking to build a large, sustainable enterprise.

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We are investors with commitment, awareness, and above all, hands-on experience.

Gambit Ventures GPs' firsthand experience and extensive business network allows them to offer the capital, tactical and strategic guidance that are invaluable to early-stage companies. The fund focuses exclusively on early-stage companies which are either operating as a pure-play data business or generating a unique data asset as an exhaust from their core activities. It is Gambit's goal to leverage their knowledge and network to monetize this data either as a standalone product built internally or licensed to an external party in an effort to create more value to their portfolio companies' offering.

Gambit Ventures seeks out early stage investments ranging from $25k - $150k in technology companies primarily located in the New York City area run by impressive founders that are focused on building audiences and monetizable data.

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keith-lev-office Our team understands what it takes to turn an innovative idea into a company, and turn a company into a market-transforming business. Beyond having talented entrepreneurs and compelling technology, this success requires investors with commitment, awareness, and above all, hands-on experience. It requires investors who have stood in the same entrepreneurial shoes and started companies from scratch on a leap of faith. And it requires investors who are willing to work shoulder-to-shoulder, provide the right balance of strategic guidance, mentorship, and operating leverage to their partners. We work vigorously to get our companies to the next major milestone while employing Gambit’s resources to ensure that the team can execute on building a culture and product that promotes growth.