April 14, 2016

Keith Petri

Keith Petri has been actively working at the intersection of business and technology for 9 years. Keith is currently Head of Platform for Samba TV, the leader in next-generation TV analytics. Keith began work for Samba TV after the acquisition of Screen6, where he was the Chief Strategy Officer. Screen6’s technology is the industry standard for identity management, and is now married with Samba TV’s advanced data and measurement products – together they are transforming the way stakeholders across the media landscape are thinking about their business. Given the dramatic growth in streaming services, connected devices, time-shifting, and multi-screen viewership, their data products solve real problems and create a meaningful competitive advantage for our clients.

Prior to Screen6, Keith was the SVP, Business Development at eDealya which was acquired by Human Demand. He was the SVP Strategic Partnerships at Human Demand until it was acquired by IgnitionOne, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology. At IgnitionOne, he served as the VP Strategic Partnerships.

Throughout Keith’s career he has held senior executive roles for a variety of startups in the technology field. His experiences as an entrepreneur and media professional have guided him in developing strategic initiatives that harness the DNA of a company and leverage it to build market share. Keith understands the collaborative role media plays in the success of a company and has shared his insights in outlets such as AdWeek, CNBC, MediaPost and AdExchanger among others.